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BH IL State Fair 2012


Hi!  I’m Heather Asbeck.

I am a graduate student in the English and American Literature program at SIUE.  I have a BA in English with a minor in linguistics.  My academic interests include exploring the relationship between textile and text, the materiality and metaphorics of texts, as well as performative utterances, subjectivity, and authority.

In my spare time I enjoy knitting, tatting, creative writing, fly fishing, target shooting, baking, and sewing.
{The man in the picture is my husband and best friend, Benjamin.  He’s awesome.  He has an MA in Instructional Technology and a wonderfully dry sense of humor.}

I created this site for a Technology and Literature course.  Come along with me on this exploration of digital theory and literature, and feel free to add your ideas to the discussion!



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